Industrial rubber shredder
  • Industrial rubber shredder
  • Industrial rubber shredder

Industrial rubber shredder

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The composition of industrial rubber shredder is:
Cutter, industrial rubber shredder main body, feeding system, discharging system, motor and other components. There are many models, which are related to the size of the tool and the width of the cutter. The common models are 600,800,1000,1500,1200,2000 and so on. The specification of the tool is very many, the configuration power of the motor also has the difference, the number of tool also is different!

Feed Size(mm)
length * width * height
Blade Size
Diameter(mm) Thickness(mm)
SG600 ﹤500*500*3 7.5-18.5 300-600 20-40
SG800 ﹤700*700*5 15-45 300-600 20-40
SG1000 ﹤800*800*8 30-55 300-700 30-100
SG1200 ﹤1000*800*10 30-90 300-700 40-100
SG1500 ﹤1000*1200*20 37-90 400-700 40-100
SG1800 ﹤1200*1500*25 55-110 500-700 40-100
SG2000 ﹤1500*1600*30 90-132 500-700 50-100
Note1:The final configuration of each model is determined by the size of the blade;
Note2:The size of feed material must be within the tearing capacity of each model;
Note3:The size of finished materials produced by different size cutters is different;
Note4:No matter what kind of material needs to be fed evenly;
Note5:Solid metal materials must be customized according to material size.

Use of rubber:
Due to natural rubber with the above a series of physical and chemical properties, especially its good resilience, insulation, lie between water and plasticity and other characteristics, and after appropriate treatment also has oil, acid, alkali resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, compression, precious properties such as wear-resisting, so widely used. For example, rain shoes, warm water bags and elastic bands used in daily life; Surgical gloves and blood transfusion tubes used in the medical and health industry; Various tires used in transportation; Industrial conveyors, conveyor belts, acid and alkali resistant gloves; Irrigation pipes and ammonia bags used in agriculture; A sounding balloon for meteorological measurement; Sealing and shock-proof equipment for scientific test;

Our industrial rubber shredder advantages:
1. Heavy dynamic knife with high crushing power, the cutter is made of alloy steel, and the service life is long.
2. The frame plate is thick and can resist high torque and is very stable.
3. Use microcomputer (PC) to automatically control, set up, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control function.
4. The equipment has the characteristics of low speed, high torque, low noise and dust to reach the environmental standard.
5. Easy to adjust, low maintenance cost and economic durability.
6. The thickness of the cutter and the number of blade can be changed according to different materials.
7. The equipment design has no sieve bottom concept, the upper warehouse feeding, after crushing the silo, directly lower the stock, thus has the advantage of high yield.
Our industrial rubber shredder price:
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