How to Choose the Manufacturer of Industrial Shredder


There are many shredder manufacturers on the market now. The quality and prices of industrial shredders produced by different manufacturers are different. How to choose a manufacturer with high quality but relatively low price among these manufacturers?
1.The scale of production
Production of high-quality industrial shredders requires relatively high production equipment. Whether it is CNC lathe, boring machine, grinder or other production equipment, it requires high precision industrial shredder production equipment. Good shredder manufacturers require very high demand for this equipment. Secondly, it depends on the size of the manufacturers and the area they occupy,whether the production equipment is complete or not.

2. Product quality
The quality of industrial shredder directly affects work efficiency, so choosing shredder manufacturer mainly depends on product quality. In general, manufacturers with higher quality requirements will adopt DC53, D2, SKD11, CR12MOV and other types of die steel. The blades of the industrial shredder produced by this material not only meet the requirements of hardness, but also are not easy to damage, and the cutters will not rust, and wear-resistant.

3.Technical Services
If the product quality of industrial shredder passes through, secondly, we should pay attention to the after-sales technical service of the manufacturer, because the industrial shredder belongs to consumable parts and is prone to failure or problems in the process of industrial shredder work, then we need more perfect after-sales technical support from the manufacturer. If it is a minor defect, the manufacturer can remotely control it. To help customers complete technical troubleshooting, if it is a major failure, more regular manufacturers will send their own after-sales technical team, on-site troubleshooting, to solve the user encountered industrial shredder problems.
4.Qualification Certification
That is, the certificates and qualifications of the manufacturer, etc. Shredding machine manufacturers need professional production licenses, but also refer to whether the manufacturers have various honorary certificates, these certificates can not only reflect the strength of manufacturers, but also reflect the customer's recognition of the quality of the manufacturer's products.
All of the above four points can be satisfied, indicating that the manufacturer is still qualified industrial shredder manufacturer. Zhengzhou Shuguang Heavy Machinery has nearly 30 years of manufacturing experience, has won the qualification certification of many countries, and has its own R&D team. Welcome to visit the factory.

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