What's the price of our product?
Because whether it's industrial shredder or Raymond mill, it's a very customizable product. Because in the actual production process of each customer is not the same as the actual production environment, the customer's plant size is different also, so we usually according to customer needs, combined with our many years of production experience to provide you with the high quality and wholesale price products!
How about the quality of your industrial shredder?
Zhengzhou ShuGuang heavy machinery co., LTD., founded in 1993, is engaged in the heavy mining machinery and industrial shredding machine manufacture has been more than 20 years, products have been awarded national IOS quality system certification and CCC certificate! The product quality is reliable, the use safety factor is high. It is your essential partner in business and production!
What is the freight and tariff of the product?
Our customers come from various countries around the world so much so we summed up the problem of tariffs and freight price information, if you need to know, welcome to contact us for the latest tariffs and freight information!
How about the after-sale service of your industrial shredder?
We seriously follow the relevant industrial products after-sales service standards, when selling products to more pay attention to the use of customer experience, timely handling after-sales strength and experience, but also assure you that the quality of our products is very good, rarely appear quality problem! Our goal is to let you buy the reassurance, use the peace of mind!
Industrial shredder won't use what?
In general we when send you machine, will send you the manual at the same time, if you still don't rest assured, we also can arrange professional engineers with you one-on-one remote teaching, in order to make sure you can efficient and safe use of our products!

What if we don't use our industrial shredder?
We are a heavy machinery manufacturer from China! Our factory of zhengzhou city, henan province in China is to go out, if you need a field trip, we can arrange the professional salespeople docking with you and take you to understand our products at the same time and negative for your reception!