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Vibrating feeder

Vibrating feeder

Applied MaterialFeeding Size≤800mm

Device ConfigurationProcessing Capacity80-1000t/h

Applied Material:Sand and gravel aggregate, concrete sand making, dry mortar, machine-made sand, quartz sand, etc.

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Product introduction

Vibrating feeder, also known as feeder, can feed lump and granular materials from the storage bin to the receiving device evenly, regularly and continuously. In the sand production line, it can be continuously and evenly fed to the crushing machinery. It can feed materials to belt conveyors, bucket elevators, screening equipment, etc., feed materials to crushers, crushers, etc., and is used for automatic batching, quantitative packaging, etc., and In the process that can be automatically controlled, the production process can be automated.


The structure of the vibrating feeder equipment is relatively simple, but without losing its ingenuity.It can screen out the impurities in the stone to be processed, and send the stone to the next step with the same amount and uniform speed(Feeding ports of crushers, sand making machines and other equipment). The vibrating feeder is mainly composed of ribs, lining plates, springs, grate bars, vibrators, etc.

Performance characteristics

1. Simple structure, uniform feeding, good continuous performance, adjustable excitation force;

2. Change and control the flow at any time, easy to operate;

3. The eccentric block is the excitation source, with low noise, low power consumption, good adjustment performance, and no punching phenomenon;

4. The excitation force can be adjusted, and the flow can be changed and controlled at any time. The adjustment is convenient and stable; the vibration motor is the excitation source, with low noise, low power consumption, good adjustment performance, and no punching phenomenon;

5. Simple structure, reliable operation, convenient adjustment and installation, light weight, small size, and convenient maintenance.

Technical data

Model Runnel size(mm)
Max feed size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Weight(t) Dimensions(L*W*H)(mm)
GZD-850*3000 850*3000 400 80-120 1.1*2 3.9 3110*1800*1600
GZD-960*3600 960*3600 500 120-210 1.5*2 4 3850*1950*1630
GZD-1100*3800 1100*3800 540 160-340 2.2*2 4.1 4150*2000*1650
GZD-1200*4200 1200*4200 580 280-500 3.7*2 4.2 4400*2050*1660
GZD-1200*4900 1200*4900 580 280-500 5.5*2 4.5 5200*2050*1700
GZD-1300*4900 1300*4900 650 450-600 7.5*2 5.2 5200*2350*1750
Model Runnel size(mm) Max feed size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Weight(t) Dimensions(L*W*H)(mm)
ZSW-850*3000 850*3000 400 80-120 7.5 4 3110*1800*1600
ZSW-960*3800 960*3800 500 120-210 11 4.4 3850*1950*1630
ZSW-1100*4900 1100*4900 580 280-450 15 5.4 5200*2050*1700
ZSW-1300*4900 1300*4900 650 450-600 22 6 5200*2350*1750
ZSW-1500*6000 1500*6000 800 600-1000 30 8.8 6082*2660*2400

Installation and operation

1. In order to ensure uniform and stable feeding and prevent self-flow of materials, it should be installed horizontally. If continuous feeding of general materials is carried out, it can be installed by tilting down 10°. For viscous materials and materials with large water content, it can be installed tilted down 15°. After installation, the feeder should have a 20mm swimming gap, and the horizontal suspension device should be used for flexible connection. Before the test machine, all bolts should be tightened once, especially the anchor bolts of the vibration motor.

2. During the operation of the feeder, the amplitude, the current of the vibrating motor and the surface temperature of the motor should be checked frequently. It is required that the amplitude is uniform before and after, and the current of the vibrating motor is stable. If an abnormal situation is found, it should be shut down immediately.The lubrication of the vibration motor bearing is the key to the normal operation of the entire feeder. The bearing should be filled with grease regularly during use, once every two months,refill once a month in the hot season, dismantle and repair the motor every six months, and replace the internal bearings.

3.Frequent maintenance can extend the life of the machine and ensure that the machine can work normally. In order to ensure safe operation, when the machine is running, it is strictly forbidden to stand beside the machine, touch the machine body with hands, adjust, clean or overhaul. The machinery and equipment should be grounded, the wires should be reliably insulated, and the motor wiring should be checked frequently for wear and leakage.

4.The vibrating feeder (feeding) is a necessary equipment in the complete production line, matching the processing capacity of the screening production line, and has the characteristics of strong structure, impact resistance, and wear resistance.

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