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Waste paper pulping machine

Waste paper pulping machine

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The waste paper dry pulping system is composed of a waste paper crusher and a pulp pulping machine. It is mainly composed of a frame, a housing, a coupling, a hammer, a screen, a pulley, a motor frame, a motor, and a feeding foil, etc. The structure is simple and the layout is reasonable. The hammer is made of manganese steel with high wear resistance. The size of the finished material can be crushed into paper velvet according to the special screen mesh inside.It is mainly used for pulverizing virgin waste paper into paper velvet shape as virgin pulp for recycling and reuse.

The waste paper dry pulping system provides a waste paper dry pulp production method, which specifically includes the pre-treatment of waste paper, waste paper crushing, dry pulping, pulse dust removal, strong magnetic iron removal, hydraulic packaging and other steps.

The dry pulp production method is ingenious in concept and simple in steps. After simple processing of waste paper, it can turn waste into treasure, and the quality of waste paper pulp after preliminary treatment is much higher than that of current recycled waste paper. It is directly mixed with virgin pulp without reprocessing, and the effect is very good, which is very popular among paper mills.

The equipment is widely used in the treatment of waste from paper mills. It is suitable for crushing various waste cartons, packaging boxes, waste paper, wallpaper, newspapers, hard paper, corrugated paper, scraps from paper mills, leftovers from paper mills, paper mill waste, paper waste, etc. The size of the material can be adjusted.

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