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How to solve the double shaft shredder when the motor heats up

Time:2021-03-15 15:44:57   Author:ShuGuang  Popularity:773

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The market demand for dual-shaft shredders in the waste material processing industry is gradually increasing and is recognized by more and more customers.The twin-shaft shredder equipment is suitable for processing a variety of materials, such as metal, plastic, rubber, wood, and so on.Because the working strength of the double-shaft shredder is very strong, the motor will generate heat or lack of oil when the supporting motor runs for a long time. So how do we solve the problem when the double-shaft shredder fails?

1. The main power of the equipment of the double-shaft shredder comes from the motor. The motor is the main configuration of the equipment. Therefore, we must pay attention to the selection of the motor. Generally, the motor is fully equipped when the shredder is shipped from the factory, but some Customers want to buy on their own.You need to know the advantages and disadvantages of buying by yourself. If you don’t understand the motor or if the motor brand is cheap, the motor will easily heat up, malfunction, and break.Therefore, to solve the problem of motor heating from the source is to buy a branded motor, which can reduce the failure rate of the motor.

2. There are some reasons why the motor heats up because the load is large and the current is high. After using the motor for a period of time, check the motor, such as whether the motor fan is damaged, whether the motor bearing is damaged, whether the motor environment is sealed and the heat dissipation is good, and the ambient temperature is high. Measure the motor current to see if it exceeds the rated current, and then check the motor fan and environmental conditions.

3. Regarding the adjustment of the elasticity of the V-belt of the shredder, when the V-belt is too tight, the motor bearing will easily generate heat; when the V-belt is too loose, the speed will decrease and the V-belt will also easily slip. Too tight or too loose will affect the life of the V-belt. When adjusting the tension of the V-belt, you can loosen the bolt that fixes the motor seat, use the dispatch bolt to change the position of the motor on the slide, and then tighten the fixing bolt after the V-belt reaches a proper tightness.

4. Make the spindle and tool center concentric. If there is a deviation, it needs to be adjusted in time. Assuming that the shredder cutter is prone to broken blades and scraps, it is usually caused by the inconsistency and disagreement between the rotating base of the shredder spindle and the base of the cutter during processing.

The power cord of the motor should not be too long or looped.

This will easily cause the motor to under-voltage or under-current. The rated current of the wire should be greater than the rated current of the motor, otherwise the motor will easily generate heat in the case of undervoltage or current.

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