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Double shaft shredder

Double shaft shredder

Applied MaterialFeeding Size

Device ConfigurationProcessing Capacity0.5-50t/h

Applied Material:basket materials, pipes, plates, wood, tires, waste metal barrels and large rolls of film,etc.

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Product introduction

The double shaft shredder is a kind of shredder which uses the double shaft cutter roller to shear or bite the materials. The equipment is mainly composed of knife roller, screen, fixed knife, bearing box, box support, feeding system, power system and electrical control system. Because of its low speed and high torque, double shaft shredder is suitable for tearing hard or bulky materials,such as wood, tires, waste household appliances, metal and so on.


Working principle of double shaft shredder

The shredder uses the principle of shearing and tearing between two relatively rotating cutters to crush various materials. It adopts double motor and double planet reducer with strong power and high stability. This series of equipment is often used in metal, plastic barrel, wood, tire, rubber, film and other environmental protection fields. The equipment has the characteristics of low speed, high torque, high shear force, good tearing effect and good stability.

Performance characteristics of double shaft shredder

1. The double shaft shredder can crush the hard to powder bulk materials, basket materials, pipes, plates, wood, tires, waste metal barrels and large rolls of film.

2. Special thick plate processing combined structure frame, large angle hexagonal column strong rotating shaft, large diameter solid input hopper, so you can safely input large raw materials.

3. In terms of thickness, shape, arrangement order, etc., a unique rotary cutter is designed and processed, with strong shear force, sharp blade and high rate of crushing.

4. The double shaft shredder operates at low speed with low noise and less dust.

5. The blades are made of special alloy steel, which is strong and durable.

Advantages of double shaft shredder

1. Heavy moving knife, high breaking power, all the cutting tools are made of alloy steel, solid and long service life.

2. The frame of the double shaft shredder is thick, resistant to high torque and very strong.

3. The microcomputer (PC) automatic control is adopted, and the automatic reverse control functions of start, stop, reverse and overload are set.

4. The equipment has the characteristics of low speed, high torque, low noise, dust can meet the environmental standards.

5. Double shaft shredder is easy to adjust, low maintenance cost, economical and durable.

6. The thickness of tool and the number of claws can be changed according to different materials.

Precautions for double shaft shredder maintenance

1. Regular inspection during execution. If the abnormal noise or bearing temperature exceeds 70 ℃, stop the inspection immediately, remove the fault immediately, and then start the operation.

2. The material can only be fed after the machine is running normally. The feed must be evenly fed to prevent hard iron from mixing. Feeding must be stopped before the machine is shut down.

3. After the discharge port is checked or adjusted, the rotor and other parts can be turned manually to avoid friction and shaking, so as to rotate flexibly before the motor starts.

4. Be sure to check that the enclosure seal is clean and tidy. The bearing grease needs to be replaced once a month. It seems that it needs to be changed every 3 months.

5. When checking whether the fasteners are loose, mainly check the screws of hammers on both sides of the rotor to prevent them from being pressed down. Both ends of the hammer expose the rotor, hitting the body and damaging the mechanical parts.

6. In order to ensure the safety of workers and equipment, maintenance, adjustment and cleaning are prohibited during the operation of double shaft shredder.

7. If the particle size of the broken product is too large, please stop the mechanical inspection on the wear status of the plate hammer to prevent the rotor from wearing.

8. If wear causes hammers to be reused at 180 degrees, the weight of each hammer must be balanced to avoid vibration after machine start-up.

When selecting shredders, the following basic requirements should be met

1. The processing scale of the equipment must be comprehensively considered according to the design treatment capacity and the existing processing capacity. The normal processing capacity of the shredder is related to the type of material, the size of feed, the density, and the requirements of discharge size.

2. The type of shredder should be selected according to the nature and size of shredded materials.

3. When using crushing machinery, environmental protection measures should be set up. For normal temperature dry shredder, dust removal device should be used to prevent dust from polluting the atmosphere, sufficient measures should be taken to eliminate vibration, and appropriate sound insulation device should be adopted to reduce noise.

4. Protection measures should be taken for the crushing machinery and process. When the shredded materials contain inflammable and explosive materials, appropriate safety measures should be taken, such as installing water spray faucet.

Technical data

Model Blade(mm) Power(kw) Rotating Speed(r/min) Yield(t/h) Finished product(mm) Weight(t)
YH-500 220 7.5*2 10-14 0.5-1 2-10 2.5
YH-600 300 22*2 10-14 1-1.5 2-10 4.5
YH-800 400 30*2 10-14 2-2.5 3-10 6
YH-1000 400 37*2 10-14 2-4 3-10 7.5
500 45*2 10-14 2-6 3-10 9
YH-1200 500 55*2 7-14 3-6 3-10 12
600 75*2 7-14 5-10 4-10 16
YH-1500 600 90*2 7-14 10-16 4-10 23
YH-2000 600 110*2 5-14 15-25 7-20 28
700 160*2 5-14 20-50 7-20 35

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