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Tire shredder

Tire shredder

Applied MaterialFeeding Size

Device ConfigurationProcessing Capacity

Applied Material:large tires, large nylon materials, rubber head materials, large fish nets, large pipes, fibers, rubber and other large-volume wastes.

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Production introduction

The tire shredder reduces the size of the material through cutting, tearing and squeezing. The shredder sold by our company has been researched and practiced for many years, and improved and sold according to the actual production situation. It has launched a series of dual-shaft shredders with mature technology and advanced design to provide quality reliable equipment for the early-stage crushing and volume reduction treatment of waste recycling. 

The tire is not only rubber, but also steel wire. Therefore, when the tire is shredded, it is often necessary to cut the steel wire inside the tire together. The tire shredder sold by our company can shred the steel wire in the tire at one time. No need for secondary work, welcome to visit our company, our company can provide on-site test machine.

Scope of application 

Widely used in large tires, large nylon materials, rubber head materials, large fish nets, large pipes, fibers, rubber and other large-volume wastes.

Equipment characteristics

1: Heavy movable knife, high crushing efficiency, all tools are made of alloy steel casting, strong and long service life.

2: The frame plate is thick, can resist high torque, and is very strong.

3: It adopts microcomputer (PLC) automatic control, with start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control functions.

4: The equipment has the characteristics of low speed, large torque, low noise, and dust can reach environmental protection standards.

5: Easy to adjust, low maintenance cost, economical and durable.

6: The thickness of the tool and the number of claws can be replaced according to different materials

Safety rules

1. After starting, when the standby device reaches normal operation, it is allowed to feed crops evenly and continuously.

2. Pay attention to the motor speed, sound and bearing temperature during operation.

3. When feeding, the operator should stand on the side of the feeding port, the sleeves of the clothes should be fastened, and a mask and work cap should be worn.

4. When feeding, pay attention to whether there are stones, sickles, tool screws and other hard objects in the input to avoid damage to the machine and personal accidents.

5. When the machine is rotating, belts, oiling, cleaning and troubleshooting are not allowed.

6. If the following problems are found, the engine should be turned off and shut down to deal with it. ①The motor emits smoke, ②the blockage, ③the crushing quality is not good, ④the bearing is overheated and exceeds 60 degrees.

Technical data

Model Blade(mm) Power(kw) Rotating Speed(r/min) Yield(t/h) Finished product(mm) Weight(t)
YH-500 220 7.5*2 10-14 0.5-1 2-10 2.5
YH-600 300 22*2 10-14 1-1.5 2-10 4.5
YH-800 400 30*2 10-14 2-2.5 3-10 6
YH-1000 400 37*2 10-14 2-4 3-10 7.5
500 45*2 10-14 2-6 3-10 9
YH-1200 500 55*2 7-14 3-6 3-10 12
600 75*2 7-14 5-10 4-10 16
YH-1500 600 90*2 7-14 10-16 4-10 23
YH-2000 600 110*2 5-14 15-25 7-20 28
700 160*2 5-14 20-50 7-20 35

Selection method of shredder lubricant

1. The working environment of the shredder is accompanied by impurities such as coal dust, rock dust and moisture, and the lubricating oil is inevitably contaminated by these impurities. Therefore, the lubricating oil purchased should have anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties, and the performance of the lubricating oil must not be changed due to contamination, so as to ensure the normal operation of the shredder.

2. Some shredders are operated in an open air environment and often undergo great temperature changes. Therefore, the viscosity of the lubricating oil is required to change with temperature to be small, otherwise the lubrication effect will not be achieved. In addition, it is necessary to avoid that the viscosity of the lubricating oil is too high when the temperature is low, which may cause difficulty in starting and running.

3. The shredder often has various failures or improper operation during daily use, which may burn the motor, and some may even cause a fire. Therefore, users should use lubricating oil with better flame resistance, so that the safety factor when using the shredder will be higher.

4. The lubricating oil must have good thermal stability and oxidation resistance. The structure of the shredder makes the volume of the oil tank smaller, so the amount of lubricating oil installed is also relatively small, and the oil temperature of the shredder is relatively high during operation,the lubricating oil is required to have good thermal stability.

5. The adaptability of the lubricant to the seal is required to avoid damage to the seal.

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