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How to solve the material splash at the feed inlet of the waste paper shredder

Time:2021-03-20 14:46:22   Author:ShuGuang  Popularity:691

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Customers who have used waste paper shredders will more or less encounter the problem of material splashing, because waste paper shredders are mechanical equipment that smashes and compresses waste paper materials through high-speed operation. Due to the high-speed operation of the equipment, the impact on the materials is generated. The power is very powerful. At the same time, the material is moving irregularly in the machine cavity. It is inevitable that paper materials will fly out from the feed port.If there is no good protection, it is easy to get injured.So, how to effectively prevent the material from flying out of the feed port of the waste paper shredder?

Shuguang Machinery can install a baffle in the waste paper shredder to solve this phenomenon. It can effectively prevent the waste paper materials from flying out and protect the personal safety of the staff. And it can also limit our cutting speed, avoiding our waste paper shredder blockage due to too fast cutting. Therefore, do not underestimate the small baffle, which plays a very important role in the daily use of the waste paper shredder.

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