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In the rapid development of urban modernization, Wood shredder plays a very important role. Because the city's modern infrastructure construction will take place many building templates, waste wood and so on, if do not do the timely recovery processing, to the city environmental pollution is very big. It also occupies a lot of space and brings a lot of inconvenience to daily life.

We produce wood shredder is a multi-function, general machinery, using standardized modular design, better parts interchangeability, auxiliary knife die forgings refined but become, the butcher is made of special alloy steel after special craft, has good abrasion resistance and high strength, driving part adopts intermediate gear transmission, form a differential relationship. Screen disassembly is convenient and simple, the appearance is beautiful and elegant structure precise and compact. The wood shredder can remove waste wood, leftover material, wood pallet, solid wood and other materials in one time and tear it up to meet the customer's requirement.


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