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Large shredder is a small skill before work, so you can easily control the whole equipment, making the work of large shredder more efficient, faster, safer and longer life.


1. Large shredding machine preheating before starting the idling, many people ignore this little detail, but it turns out that large shredding machine after idling warm-up before work can greatly improve the working state and service life.


2. Try to choose the same for material, such as shredded wood, we have been shredded wood, torn torn cans cans is transplantation, so that we can guarantee the working effect of large shredding machine, torn out of product is more even, at the same time also has a large shredding machine protection role.


3. The lubrication of large shredder should be done well, not only to improve production and production capacity, but also to prolong the service life of large shredder.


4. The large shredder will remove the material after completion of work and then turn off the machine.


5. Pay attention to empty large shredder inside and keep clean after work.


6. The blade is the core of the large shredder and should be maintained.


7. The large shredder should keep the feeding speed consistent and avoid the choking machine.


8. Large shredder should avoid contact with water as much as possible, because mechanical equipment is afraid of water and will rust.

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