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Ⅰ Solid waste shredding process, should choose what size of shredder?
1. It is very important to select the appropriate shredder for the selection of the solid waste shredding equipment. Jie's environmental protection usually in accordance with the requirements of material properties and size of the recommended appropriate shredding machine, selection of the specifications of the shredding machine generally do not need to use 100% of the available power can finish the requirement of work pieces.
2. The reason for this is that as the use of time increases, the tool becomes blunt, and more energy is needed to mince the material. If the solid waste industrial shredding machine has sufficient spare power, the user can continue to use the tool for longer before the tool needs to be replaced without maintenance.
3. We suggest that, as long as the power is sufficient, the size of the tool box should be considered as much as possible when selecting the shredder. Therefore, in addition to the model and power, we also need to consider the size of the knife hook and the wheelbase, feeding room and material properties.
Ⅱ. What kind of feeding mode should be selected for the shredding process of solid waste industry?
1. Batch feeding
Bulk feed includes a grab bucket or a loader to pour a large amount of material into the shredder hopper. Batch feed is very common in home appliances destruction, construction demolition work or bundle material handling. Although the batch feed is simple and direct, the efficiency is low. If the size of the shredder box is not suitable, it is more likely that the shredder will cause the material to be blocked or to accept more than the shredding capacity.
2. Metering feed
The metering feed refers to feeding the material to the hopper through a stable controlled flow through the conveyor. If the material can be used to measure the feeding, the shredder can adjust the speed of the production line by monitoring its feeding quantity and more effectively. The result of the metering feed is that the number of reversals or stops is less.

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