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Shredding machine because of its wide adaptation material, known as the universal shredding machine or multi-function biaxial shredding machine, mainly through the biaxial equipped with spiral blade, tore up material extrusion, and the effect of shear torn into pieces. With the popularity of the two-axis shredder, the shredder has mushroomed.

Multi-function double shaft shredder.

The price and quality of the two-axis shredder are different. Each manufacturer has its own process design and material selection criteria, which determine the price of shredder. The main factors that determine the price of multi-functional biaxial shredder are the following four aspects:

Design: now torn vendors would very much, but there are a lot of shredded vendors would sound like, does not have its own technology and design, does not have its own features, just hold down prices.

2, steel plates, steel thickness, for different manufacturers in the process of manufacturing and shredding machine double steel plate material and thickness difference is bigger, but for professional crushing equipment crush each material the thickness of the plate are need to accounting, in this also determines the different cost will affect equipment market prices;

3. motor: the motor must choose international products are factory production, can't use refurbished motor or international sucks, because the motor copper wire was not rated current demand, so the machine is easy to burn or driving force is insufficient, affect the shredding machine equipment rotating speed and the effect of whole pieces;

4. bearing, bearing of the fit and unfit quality directly affect the biaxial shredding machine equipment of the production effect and tear effect, bearing must use big manufacturer production, for example: luoyang, Harbin, wafangdian bearing is good, three production in addition to bearing unfavorable use small factory production, but also pay attention to the fake products.

5. Blade: the most influential factor on price is the two-axis shredder blade, which is usually 2-4 times different because of different materials.

6. Service: after-sales service is also the factor affecting the price. The price of after-sales service is very different.

Customers in choosing a multi-function biaxial shredding machine, do not blindly choose low price shredding machine, a price a points goods, the selected biaxial shredded vendors would later, it is important to note that the above several aspects.

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