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Dust pollution and noise pollution have been plaguing us ever since we used the metal industrial shredder. Dust pollution is the general disease of the crushing machine, while noise pollution is the general disease of large machinery. How should we deal with these two problems?

Solution of dust pollution and noise pollution in metal industry.

1. People-oriented

Metal industry shredder as a large crushing machine, with dusts and noise pollution. These two kinds of pollution can cause great harm to the body and even threaten human life, so we must solve these two problems in the production, so as to be people-oriented.

2. Dust pollution: dust pollution is a direct threat to people's lives, especially in the environment where dust pollution causes a variety of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. If we do not solve the problem of dust, then life and health will be seriously threatened. Pollution is a threat to our health.

Solution: metal industrial dust pollution of shredding machine, we can be in the metal industry shredding machine discharging mouth and crushing chamber installed fan, using pipeline and bag dust collector and reduce dust pollution. This method is easy to operate, low economic cost and strong feasibility. It can solve the dust problem well.

3. Noise pollution: the higher the noise level, the greater the harm to the human body. Metal industry shredding machine at work, the noise is higher than general noise decibel, and for the people around, including huitong metal industry shredding machine staff) to produce more damage than ordinary noise caused by the damage.

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