Use the scrap tire shredder blade correctly


The shredder blade is an indispensable processing tool in industrial production. This tool increases the company's production power and promotes the company's development. Although the longitudinal scissors have been widely used, many workers in the production workshop have not operated properly in the process of operation, resulting in various results. The following is the explanation of the Zhengzhou Shuguang tire shredder manufacturer for us in the operation process. Avoid cracking of the blade of the rubber tire shredder blade:
The length of life of the rubber tire shredder blade In addition to the material, there is a major factor affecting the waste tire processing equipment and tool life, that is, whether the actual operation process is used in a correct and reasonable way, if Improper handling can result in a significant reduction in tool life for both waste tire handling equipment blades and single-shaft shredders. What issues should we pay attention to when using the waste tire crusher?
As a weapon for crushing materials, the waste tire crusher has a smashing effect. It is necessary to pay attention to picking out the hard metal inside the material before use. We all know that the tire crushing equipment blade is even the most common high carbon steel material. The hardness is also about 50 degrees, and once the claws hit the hard metal, it is very easy to cause the cutting edge to crack. Therefore, in order not to damage the tire shredder blade, it is necessary to pick out the metal material that is easily damaged.
There are also tire smashing equipment blades that users buy. They are shredded metal, such as electrical casings, car casings, etc. To shred these metals, you need to choose special materials, such as H13, H13K, etc., so that these metal casings can be shredded. However, if there is an oversized metal such as a large steel block, it should be picked out as much as possible to avoid excessive load on the blade when shredding, which will easily cause the tool to chip.

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