4 operations to solve low production of aluminum shredder


As the sales of aluminum crushing equipment continues to increase, the problem will follow. The aluminum shredders of some aluminum recycling companies are not as high as expected, so what are the incorrect operations that result in low aluminum shredder production? How to solve it?

1. When starting the waste aluminum processing equipment, do not rush to feed, wait until the equipment speed reaches a stable level and then carry out the feeding.

2.In the process of feeding, we must master the speed of feeding, do not suddenly slow down, in order to prevent the equipment from smashing the cavity too much material causes the phenomenon of downtime, once the phenomenon of downtime is found, immediately shut down to clean up. During the production process, vibration, noise, or bearing temperature is found to be too high. When the material is turned outward from the inlet, it is necessary to stop the inspection and discharge the fault before continuing work.

3. During the production process, it is found that the material is stuck at the feeding port, and it must be cleaned on the side of the equipment. Do not stand on the front side to prevent the material from causing damage to the workers.

4. Before stopping the production of the equipment, the waste aluminum shredder should be operated for a few more minutes. The purpose is to make the material in the crushing chamber not safely discharged, so that it is convenient to start normal the next day.

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