Prolonging service life of scrap aluminum shredder hammer


Hammer head is one of the most important vulnerable parts in scrap aluminum shredder equipment. Because of the various scrap metal operations, long-term high pressure, high temperature and strong impact force, hammer head damage is a common occurrence. In this case, only the replacement of the hammer head of scrap aluminum shredder can be achieved, thus invisibly increasing the cost of expenditure. What causes hammer damage? How can we extend the service life of the hammer of scrap aluminum shredder?
Causes of damage to scrap hammer head:
1.The hardness of materials. If the material is bigger, the more easily it is broken, and the use time of the aluminum shredder hammer will be directly affected by the hardness of the material. Therefore, the characteristics of materials often determine the service life of the aluminum shredder hammer. 
2. The feed size of scrap aluminum shredder also affects the service life of the aluminum shredder hammer. The more frequent the feed, the easier the damage to the hammer.
3. The design technology of hammer head is also an important factor affecting its life.  Usually, the geometry of hammer head is directly related to the heat dissipation capacity of hammer head. Those hammers with large thickness are designed reasonably according to their shapes, and their use time is relatively longer. According to the new engineer's research report, we know that the unreasonable design of the inner and surface of the hammer head of scrap aluminum shredder can easily cause breakage. It is easy to break the hammer head of aluminum shredder when crushing. Therefore, in the production of hammers, reasonable casting and heat treatment processes must be formulated.
4. It is possible that the technical parameters of aluminum shredder may cause damage to the hammer head of scrap aluminum shredder, such as the number of rotations of the rotor, which is related to the life of the hammer head. The faster the rotor rotates, the easier it will cause damage to the hammer head, because it is easy to produce high temperature at this time.
How to prolong the service life of hammer head of scrap aluminum shredder
1. In order to improve the wear resistance of hammer head, a thin layer of cemented carbide is coated on its working face.
2. After wear and tear of the hammer head made of manganese steel, it can be repaired by overlaying welding with manganese steel welding rod. Medium and high chromium hammers are not easy to repair. In the process of surfacing on the top of hammer head, unequal-axis granular Lillette with composition of 1.2-1.5mm can be introduced into surfacing metal to reinforce cemented carbide, while the base alloy is special high chromium cast iron. When Liliter is added, it is filled along the top of the hammer head, so that more hard particles can be obtained at the top of the hammer head. Surfacing paste can also be used.
3. Improve the end disc and the middle disc of the scrap aluminum shredder rotor to improve the utilization ratio of the hammer and prolong the service life of the hammer.
4. Sustainable use of hammer aluminum shredder is the focus of our work, because if one part is broken, the whole machine will no longer be used, which is too wasteful, and sometimes the injured parts can be well reused after repair.
Generally speaking, to a large extent, the hammer directly affects the production efficiency of scrap aluminum shredder, so the skill of prolonging the service life of the hammer must be mastered.

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