Plastic shredder machine


Plastic shredder is a solid waste volume reduction machine environmental protection shredder equipment, used to tear HDPE plastic products and materials, conducive to plastic recycling and recycling plastic particles. For example: mineral water bottle, PET bottle, oil bottle, gasoline bottle, plastic bucket and so on.
Plastic shredder consists of shredding mechanism, bracket, recycling box and tractor. The size of equipment is determined by material size and material handling capacity. The plastic shredder is equipped with a filter screen. When the plastic shredder works normally, the filter screen plays the role of separating materials and liquids, effectively recycling the remaining liquid on the bottle.
Plastic shredder is also known as single-axis crusher and single-axis shredder. It uses the interaction between moving cutter particles and fixed cutter, and controls the size of discharged material through screen mesh. The material is shredded, sheared and extruded to process the material to a smaller size. Usually used in the fine crushing of various solid wastes, materials can be processed to a smaller size at one time, and widely used in resource regeneration, RDF (domestic waste derived fuel) production, waste volume reduction and other fields. It has the characteristics of small discharging granularity, replaceable screen, wide material applicability and high efficiency.

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