Aluminium scrap leather shredder for sale


The  aluminium scrap leather shredder is a kind of shredder, a machine used to shred scrap iron materials, and belongs to a medium metal shredder. Waste bicycles, motorcycles, refrigerators, washing machines, computer hard drives, motherboards, iron iron drums, aluminum aluminum cans, aluminum scraps, light bulbs, used paint buckets, cans, beer caps, etc. can be shredded into ideal particles. Greatly convenient for transportation, reducing transportation costs and facilitating reprocessing.
Shredder machine structure
 The common structures of the  aluminium scrap leather shredder are mainly three-axis (or four-axis) shear type, single-axis cut type coarse crushing and tearing type.
1) Shear shredder
Commonly used is the shearing mill. It has two to four cutter shafts. The principle of "shearing and cutting" is mainly used to complete the crushing process. The principle of the crusher is to crush the object like a scissors.
2) Roller mill
It is a structure of a roll-cutting mill. The machine is equipped with a plurality of blades on a rotating knife roll to form a pair with a fixed blade to complete the material pulverization effect.
3) Tear coarse crusher
The principle of the tearing coarse pulverizer is to smash the hook to tear the garbage material. This type of machine is mainly used for coarse crushing.
After sales service:
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3. perennial supply of machinery and equipment wearing parts
4. Provide complete process design and installation and commissioning.
5.In the production process encountered problems, there are special personnel to provide you with follow-up technical service guidance.
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