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Aluminum cans shredder is a commonly used shredder equipment for waste item recycling manufacturers, because the shredder device not only shreds a wide range, but also the used items shredded by the shredder device can be well recycled again. The use of aluminum cans shredder equipment has played a role in reducing the volume of waste items for reuse.


When the aluminum cans shredder equipment is in use, the use of its accessories is also very important. The aluminum cans shredder equipment directly affects the use of the equipment. If the user wants to replace the aluminum cans shredder equipment accessories, what problems should be paid attention to when replacing the accessories?


1. Pay attention to the matching requirements of accessories. Especially in the case of purchasing accessories that are not from the original manufacturer, pay attention to whether the standard of the accessories is compatible with the aluminum cans shredder. Even if the quality is good, but there is an error in the installation and matching, it is not competent.


2. Pay attention to disassembly and assembly. After all, the disassembly methods of different shredders are different, and must be carried out according to the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations. And can not be arbitrarily modified, can not be arbitrarily carried out, at the same time pay attention to unnecessary errors such as missing installation, loss.


3. Commissioning steps. Many times the maintenance staff thinks it is over after replacing the parts, but there are still errors in some details. In particular, the angle position of the shredder's hammer head and rotor must not be out of position. You must start the experiment.


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