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Plastic shredder

Plastic shredder is a kind of bad consumption high yield up to build, the plastic shredder and equipment of speed reducer and the highly correlated, a high efficient material fatigue reduction function of the power of small power motor rotational kinetic energy of the strong low twist, make its have more strength to tear our original material, but for a deceleration machine maintenance is also particularly primary insipid things, small make up this day long public introduction about plastic reducer efficacy in the shredder maintenance skills in plastic shredder factory to achieve the user once, move the factory we will do a few simple tests and commissioning of mechanical performance, such as names, but to the user still need further adjust, we will be located 300 hours of labor, the period again hasty slows change the oil after arriving at the time, adopt market gear oil can, but should be careful in gear oil should be fixed by brands and models, even intermittent gap brand oil mixture of different grade, the change of speed reducer gear oil at the same time, should pay attention to the inside of the box body impurities. Except that, should also pay attention to the temperature on the reduction of sharp, probably in the summer is the captain of the plastic pieces hour at work, we should pay attention to the temperature of the reducer is too high, whether any noise, etc., if you have a clean mores.nay, please immediately stop check and high temperature had a great influence on life of reducer, with is to avoid such situation again this happens; When winter low temperature and minus 10 degrees Celsius, to use plastic shredder, play an important pay attention to the smooth deceleration machine, the temperature is too low will make it thick oil, the oil will not such as summer unusual quickly into the top of the chassis, if the boot used directly, will speed up the wear degree of gear reducer, if necessary, might as well in advance and the electrical heating, make speed reducer temperature picks up again after use, and also want to note reducer shaken and sound is unusual.

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