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The aluminum cans shredder has entered the stage of history for environmental pollution. After so many years of grinding, it has become a mainstay in environmental protection equipment. There are not many types of shredders in the past. Of course, the shredding effect cannot be compared with the present. By comparison, there are too many types and models in the aluminum cans shredder market today that are produced, sold, and used.


 The main part of the aluminum cans shredder is the shredder blade, and the shredder cutter is also the core component of the shredder equipment. Due to the special material of the internal cutter head of the aluminum cans shredder, the price of the shredder does not affect the price of the cutter. Philippines, and different materials, different specifications and shapes of shredder cutters have different prices and different thicknesses. Shredder blades are also pided into four corner cutters for single shaft shredders and two claw cutters for two shaft shredders. According to the requirements of customers' shredding size and shredding output, we can configure aluminum cans shredder equipment for different production needs for customers. In terms of the choice of cutter materials, the cutter materials of shredders for different materials are also different. 


Actually, There are many types of shredders produced by Zhengzhou Shuguang Heavy Industry, for example, twin-shaft shredders, aluminum cans shredders, rubber shredders, wood shredders and other equipment. The blades used by these shredders are: Disk rolling scissors and stainless steel blades, as well as film-cutting blades, tungsten steel blades, etc. These blades are particularly durable. They are not the same as inferior blades, and their properties are different. In this way, the blades of metal shredders are particularly expensive on the market, especially the quality of the materials. Although the price is more expensive, it is well worth it.


 The biggest advantage of the shredder is not for wood and various types of shredding, but for shredding of many tough and entangled materials. The shredder produced by Zhengzhou Shuguang Heavy Industry excels in handling special materials. But no matter how good the equipment is, it has its service life, so its technical process is what we must follow. The reasonable use of the shredder is the greatest respect for it, it is also responsible for itself and the protection of interests.


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