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There are many factors that affect the production efficiency of the aluminum cans shredder machine. One of them is the screen problem of the aluminum cans shredder machine. Solving the screen problem can greatly improve the working efficiency of the aluminum cans shredder machine. The influence of the screen on the working efficiency of the aluminum cans shredder:


1. Sieve hole size. The size of the sieve hole should be selected according to the requirements of the particle size of the material;


2. Sieve hole shape. According to the understanding of the aluminum cans shredder's sieving work, it is better to use square or rectangular sieve for the mesh shape.


3. There are many types of screen materials. There are many types of screens. However, the effect on the screening efficiency is related to the effective area of ​​the screens.


4. The aspect ratio of the screen. According to Zhengzhou Shuguang's many years of experience in manufacturing car tire crushers, the screen has a length-to-width ratio of 1-2.5: 1.


5. The inclination angle of the screen installation, the inclination of the aluminum cans shredder is generally 0-20 degrees, but the inclination of the fixed screen is generally larger;


6.The screen movement status, due to the difference in screen material, area, etc., each in different motion conditions to achieve the screening effect.


The pore size and quality of the screen directly affect the screening efficiency of the aluminum cans shredder, and will also shorten the life of the screen. Therefore, in order to ensure that the aluminum cans shredder has a high screening efficiency, the feeding must be continuous and uniform, and the amount of feeding Be appropriate.


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