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We know that a large part of the service life of the metal shredder is determined by the metal shredder blade. The selection, design and installation of the metal shredder blade directly affect the working performance and service time of the equipment. So,what are the cautions when we purchasing metal shredders?


1. The size of the knife edge

The edge angle of the metal shredder tool can be adjusted, so the manufacturer can adjust the different materials for different users during the production process. The smaller the angle, the sharper the tearing effect, and the lower the life of the tool, so you need to choose a suitable angle adjustment.


2. The effect of shredding materials

The same metal shredder differs in the degree of wear during processing of different materials, so there are some differences in the time of use of the metal shredder. For example, shredding waste paper and shredding scrap iron, because the material hardness of the material is different, so the time of tearing the waste paper blade is obviously longer and the equipment for shredding scrap iron.


3. The material of the tool

Metal shredder cutter blades are available in round and round steel inserts, each with its own characteristics. However, the better the material of the blade, the more scientific and reasonable the alloy, the better its hardness and wear resistance, the better the high temperature resistance, and the longer the service life of the metal shredder. Therefore, many companies now attach great importance to the selection of metal shredder blade materials, which greatly improves the crushing performance and use time of the metal shredder.


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