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Process performance of metal shredder: process performance refers to the ability of metal materials to adapt to process requirements. According to different process methods, there are casting properties, forging performance, welding property, cutting performance, etc. They are often determined by the physical properties, chemical properties and mechanical properties of the materials. For example, gray cast iron has good casting performance and cutting performance, but its plasticity is poor, it cannot be used for forging press, and the welding performance is poor, so it is often used to cast complex castings.


Metal shredder parts to appearance are new transformation, and also create a large number of reserve set aside, these are all need to build a favorable conditions to take up liquidity, applicable to the number of this type is very much, whether it's capacity, power, size and shape are designed and  shredder manufactured, with all my heart to meet the needs of increase production and complete the tasks. Modernization is the change of science and technology, and more novel forms are important. In the structure of the old equipment to replace the old unceasingly, the damaged equipment, become a part of the maintenance, greatly improve the efficiency, will be closely linked to the production process, at the same time setting assembly line, automatic management and synchronization, already save time for production.


Metal shredder maintenance:

1. Check and clean the machine in time. After the daily work, the machine should be cleaned in time to check the wear of the screws on the various parts of the machine and the vulnerable parts such as toothed claws and sieves.

2. The most common use of grease is to assemble the lid oil cup on the bearing. In general, as long as the oil lid is rotated 1/4 laps every two hours, the grease will be pressed into the bearing. Such closed bearing can be added to the grease every 300 hours. After long-term use, the grease should be cleaned and replaced with new grease if the grease is spoiled. Machine is working, bearing temperature shall not exceed 40 ℃, such as under normal working conditions, bearing temperature continue to increase, should find out the reason, try to troubleshoot.

3. Carefully clean the raw materials to be crushed, and strictly prohibit the mixing of metal parts such as copper, iron, lead, and large stones into the grinding room.


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