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The metal shredder is developed on the basis of various shredder principles. It is an advanced metal shredding device. The blade is made of high-strength alloy steel and has strong wear resistance and crushing ability. Everyone knows that the blade of the shredder is always blunt during actual use. How to use and maintain the blade of the metal shredder?


1. Do not use under unsuitable cutting conditions. Always check the cutting condition table listed in the catalog before use. If the parameters in the table are used as the approximate standard, please adjust the abnormal vibration or noise due to cutting. Cutting conditions.


2. Without the use of tools with severe wear and tear, continuous use of severely worn and notched tools can cause damage. Before loading the tool, please confirm the damage of the tool and replace the tool or re-grind it when appropriate.


3. Please do not use it in reverse. The tool is usually used in the state of rotating to the right. If it is rotated to the left, it will be prompted on the package. Please confirm.


 In the process of using the metal shredder blade, once it is found that the blade is not good, it should be removed immediately. In order not to affect the production, the new blade is replaced with a new one. The old blade is going to be maintained. The blades are very easy to sand, especially when some claws are relatively cumbersome when grinding. At this time, we must pay attention to the relationship between the curvature of the blade and the grinding machine. The best way is to use arc polishing because This will provide a good protection against the shredder blade curvature.


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