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Plastic shredder before running need to prepare a few things, these things are important, it relates to the service life of plastic shredder as well as the performance will be able to maintain continuity, is very important, do this a few things, can improve the user's earnings.

And this one is: 1 must be an empty operation when starting the motor, for example, some of the skills are normal and can be loaded when the speed is normal. During idle running, there should be no magnetic and conflict noise. The screen should be strong and sealed, not leaking. The screen must be fastened. If discover abnormal noise in the process of operation, timely adopt repair method, if appear discharging obstruction, bearing or motor fever, must stop feeding, stop check homework, troubleshooting questions as soon as possible. The plastic shredder will be finished in the future, after the empty operation to 2-3 minutes, the material in the machine will be finished in the future, and then stop the oil paint bucket plastic shredder and the fan. In the operation of the broken machine, the requirement is read the procedure information of the operation, so that you can facilitate the operation in the future.

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