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Shuguang metal shredder with PCL automatic control system

Time:2020-10-17 11:02:48   Author:ShuGuang  Popularity:652

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The automatic control system of the metal shredder is specifically composed of PCL, frequency converter, host computer, isolation and converter, electric baffle valve, electric butterfly valve, flowmeter, and negative pressure transmitter. The automatic control system can make use of the signal from each equipment to make comprehensive processing, give the control signal, and make a good and accurate judgment.

Shuguang Machinery’s metal shredder equipment is operated by the PCL automatic control system. The operation of the automatic control system brings convenience to the metal shredder operation.The shredder equipment and machinery will automatically reverse when encountering difficult and hard to tear materials, and will not be forced to tear, so as to avoid damage to the shredder blade and the machine itself.The PCL automatic control system will change the feeder speed of the disc through the frequency converter, and adjust the blanking speed so that the blanking speed is about the set quantitative number, achieving the effect of uniform feeding of the metal shredder.

The PCL automatic control system equipped with metal shredder is practical and applicable, which can save labor and keep the working efficiency of metal shredder continuously. It is the necessary machinery for the majority of shredder users. 

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