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Metal shredder blade hardness

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The cutter of the metal shredder is the core component of the shredder. It is used to tear and shred the material. The quality of the cutter is inseparable from the quality of the finished material.

Hardness is the basic characteristic of metal shredder blades. The hardness of the shredder blade needs to be greater than the hardness of the workpiece. The cutting edge hardness of metal shredder blades is generally above 60 HRC. Generally speaking, the higher the hardness of the metal shredder blade, the better its wear resistance. The higher the hardness of the hard particles, the more the number of particles, the smaller the particle size, the more uniform the distribution, and the better the wear resistance. Wear resistance is also related to chemical composition, strength and temperature.

In order for the metal shredder blade to withstand high pressure during the tearing process and work under frequent impact and feeling without cutting edges and breaking, the mechanical blade needs to have satisfactory strength and durability.

Heat resistance is an important index to measure the tearing performance of metal shredder blades. This means that the shredder blade has excellent hardness, wear resistance, strength and other functions under high temperature conditions. The metal shredder blade should also have good anti-adhesion and anti-dispersion capabilities. The higher the thermal conductivity of the metal shredder blade, the easier the tearing and the higher the tearing temperature.

The quality of the metal shredder blade is the guarantee of the quality of the finished product. The density of the metal shredder blade determines the volume of the shredded material. The size of the material torn by a good shredder blade is uniform and non-sticky.

Therefore, it is very important to purchase the metal shredder blades when purchasing the shredder, which determines the working efficiency of the shredder in the future.

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