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What inspection work needs to be done before the metal shredder starts

Time:2020-12-12 13:54:42   Author:ShuGuang  Popularity:543

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In order to better perform shredding operations, what inspections do the metal shredders need to do before working? For example, first roll the rotor by hand to check whether the sensitivity of the shredder is normal and whether the rotation direction of the rotor is correct. Let’s analyze with you what inspections the metal shredder needs to do before starting up? What are the things to be aware of when working.

The metal shredder must ensure a uniform and uniform feeding when feeding. If there is noise or the temperature of the bearing is too high, it should be shut down immediately to check whether the material is mixed with impurities, stones and other hard objects. If necessary, clean up in time, and then shred.

The metal shredder must stop feeding before closing, and then turn off the power when all the materials in the shredder cavity are discharged. Cleaning and maintenance are necessary after shutdown. The metal shredder can maintain the bearings after a long period of operation, and the lubricating oil should be filled properly.

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