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What is the idling of the metal shredder before operation

Time:2020-12-26 14:47:05   Author:ShuGuang  Popularity:193

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Before the operation of the metal shredder, there are a lot of preparations to be done. If these preparations are not done well, it may affect the subsequent operation of the machine, causing inconvenient troubles, sometimes failures, and irreparable situations. For example, before the machine runs, check the power supply of the machine, check whether various parts of the machine are missing, whether there are excess materials on the machine, etc. These are all preparations that should be done.

After these preparations are completed, we can start to operate the machine. Before operating the metal shredder equipment, there is also a very important job, that is, the machine should be idling for 2 to 3 minutes. If there is no abnormality, You can officially start working. Although we have carried out various inspections on the machine before operation, we cannot see the inside of the machine, so we can only check by running the machine idling to see if there is any impurities in the crushing chamber of the machine. If there is debris, it can be checked by the multifunctional metal shredder idling, because when the machine is idling, the debris inside will collide with the inner wall of the machine and cause abnormal noise. At this time, we can put the It seems a simple operation to get the sundries out. If this step is omitted, serious failures may occur. If there are sundries in the machine, if the sundries are not found out, the machine may be stuck. In severe cases, the blade will break, which is not only troublesome, but also wastes time, which seriously affects production and greatly reduces work efficiency. Therefore, before operating the metal shredder, idling the machine is a very important step.

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