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Why is the feed port of the metal shredder funnel-shaped

Time:2020-12-30 17:21:50   Author:ShuGuang  Popularity:219

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Metal shredders and crushers have a wide range of uses, especially the emergence of metal shredder equipment, which brings convenience to the renewable resource industry and the waste processing industry. Judging from the styles of metal shredder equipment, there are similarities and differences. Many metal shredders have different feeding ports. The main difference is the funnel shape. Some people don't know why the feed port of the metal shredder is funnel-shaped. The following editor will analyze and answer for everyone.

There are two main considerations for why the feed port of the metal shredder is funnel-shaped. On the one hand, the funnel-shaped feed port is convenient for filling materials, whether it is a large piece of material or a small piece of material, it can be put into the funnel mouth. On the other hand, the funnel-shaped imported material can protect the operator. It is understood that during the shredding process, it is inevitable that the material will splash.

If there is no protection of the material port of the funnel, the splashed material is easy to splash on the operator, causing some safety hazards. This is also the reason why metal shredder manufacturers have adopted a funnel-shaped design.

As the use time of metal shredder equipment increases, some dirt or precipitation will appear at the feed inlet. For this reason, the feed inlet must be maintained frequently. On the one hand, it is necessary to remove the dust or dust on the feed inlet in time to make it in a clean filling; on the other hand, it is necessary to regularly lubricate the connection part of the feed inlet to make it normal for picking and placing to avoid rust.

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