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Solutions to the problems of the metal shredder equipment motor

Time:2021-01-06 14:42:38   Author:ShuGuang  Popularity:223

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The motor of the metal shredder can be said to be the power source of the shredder, so the selection of the motor is also very critical.It’s not that the more expensive the equipment is, the better. It depends on what kind of configuration it has. It is reasonable or unreasonable.Many manufacturers’ shredders are very cheap nowadays, the motors used are unbranded, and the motors are prone to heat, malfunctions, and breakage.In this way, it will cost us thousands of dollars to replace a good motor. The gap between a good motor and a brand-name motor is really big. Not only is the price, the motor heating problem is also a headache for many people.So what is the reason?

The metal shredder motor is hot and the Shuguang machinery will help you.In view of the many reasons for the motor heating of the metal shredder equipment, high load current, motor fan damage, motor bearing damage, motor environment sealing and heat dissipation, high ambient temperature, you can measure the motor current to see if it exceeds the rated current. Check the motor fan and environmental conditions. All our Shuguang shredder equipment uses brand motors. We can also customize brand motors and Siemens motors according to customer needs to meet different customer requirements.

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