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Wood industry shredding machine can be used, making use of waste paper recycling, and effective to use less of the original wood pulp, recycled paper production, can not only alleviate the pressure of the pulp is in short supply, but also protect the original ecological forest resources, forest resources are limited, it is not a tao don't empty the cornucopia, for paper making factory, using waste paper recycling production process is a cycle.

Wood industry shredder widely used in waste paper, plastic, sponge, glass fiber, rags and other tensile strength high, easy to wrap and design the production of the powder equipment. Wastebasket waste of special equipment, unique design and processing technology, can make any shape wastebasket, plastics, sponge, fiberglass, cloth, such as old, and other rapidly tore open pine, and collection, to ensure that the environmental protection, no dust.

Gongyi city xin yue machinery is a professional manufacturer of wood industry shredding machine equipment, the quality is the fundamental of sales, the market is based on customer demand as the guidance, wood industry shredding machine are growing in the direction of customer needs, the demand of the market also let xin yue paper torn Yang in a tight situation.

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