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The development of the social economy has made people more and more demanding of material demands, and the continuous development and change of work have effectively promoted the development of industrial shredder equipment. Recycling waste materials in recent years, a lot of people see business opportunities, the material recycling process, the damage process is an important link, but in needle about some questions of material recycling, the exercise of ordinary produce damage to the machine equipment is unable to reach requirements. And the advent of industrial shredder is good enough to meet this demand.


After customers buy industrial shredding machine, in practical production, probably because of feeding too fast too fast, cause industrial shredding machine production was blocked, so industrial shredding machine plugging of the problems, how to solve?


In the process of industrial shredding, if it is not cleaned for a long time, it is very easy to cause the blockage of industrial shredder. There may not be too much impact in the early stages of blockage, but it will be too late for industrial shredding to affect productivity. What are the possible causes of blockage in industrial shredder?


Industrial shredding machine equipment failure requires you to pay attention to in time, if it is found that industrial production shredding machine is reduced, and the raw material unchanged, check the damper is in place and pipes with and without air leakage, etc., industrial shredding machine jams are common faults, the likelihood has four kinds: 1: may be the body design problem; Two: the raw material is put in too fast; 3: it is the pipe of the discharge is not smooth; 4: possible raw material moisture content is too high, it is important to pay special attention to the bearing at work, its temperature is too high, or has the problem such as noise, are generally lubricating oil or the matching of the bearing cover and shaft tight, just can have this kind of situation.


Industrial shredding machine as long as pay attention to the usual maintenance, fault scenario or less, except industrial shredding machine quality closes nevertheless, of course, it is worth noting that the maintenance but too, such as lubricants add too much at once, cleaning too hard-working, but its use have hurt!


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