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Tire shredder

Tire shredder mainly deal with waste tires and waste rubber, equipment is equipped with water cooling system, micro wind dust removal device, atomized spray system, etc., also can according to customer's special raw material and dust removal equipment independently. Tire shredder is mainly used in tire, wire, steel wire tyre (radial tyre) and all kinds of waste rubber products or leftover material, make the pieces of rubber powder, meet customer required fineness (mesh). What are the areas where the shredded material can be applied to the tire shredder? Let me introduce you:

1. Rubber production: used to produce all kinds of rubber products.

2. The sports ground: runway, school sports ground, swimming pool and garden path, bowling alley, sidewalk, kindergarten sports ground and entertainment field, tennis and basketball court.

3, the automotive industry: strip, train the floor mat, brake disk ribbon, the floor of the car and truck, brakes bushings, seals, shock absorber, shock absorber, automotive body bottom sealing and stainless steel materials, splash and raw materials such as soil, sea daily, tires and tire inner pad.

4, building/equipment: adhesives/sealants, hospital, company, bathroom floor MATS, insulated materials, carpet pad, livestock, extrusion products, waste brake surface, casting products, coatings, DAMS, warehouse, ponds, waste treatment station, brick top liner and coverings, has raised the floor of the decorative pattern, house a signboard, thin, waterproof material waterproof, shockproof, washer, roof and wall materials.

5, the application of geotechnical/asphalt: pipes, rubber processing of the laying of asphalt for roads and lanes, filter, porous soil regulate/road coverage, flushing, horse racing track, the railway crossing, traffic/pavement obstacles, the crack joint sealant road construction and maintenance by sea.

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