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Waste tire refers to discarded tires, unqualified tires produced by tire manufacturers, inferior tires, and tires that have been replaced by automobile, and other rubber products are also included. With the rapid development of domestic machinery industry, the recycling rate of regenerated tire particles is significantly higher than that of earlier years.

Shredding machine as a multipurpose tones the low speed is applied widely in market with broken equipment can be suitable for all kinds of metal, wood, plastic, waste, industrial waste, crushing processing rubber products, after the machine is broken, the material with the three big window, torn the small particles, then more and more convenient transportation, from fees.

The blade of the tyre shaper is pided into fixed blade and moving blade. The fixed blade is fixed on the main shaft of the tyre shaper through the inner hexagon clip hole to crush the material.

The first is the fixed supply support of bearing equipment and spindle, and the closed space is supplied for the joint breakage of four or two shafts.


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