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Ore Raymond mill is a member of the flour milling equipment in mines, in with the rapid development of flour milling industry, ore Raymond mill needs the more the more, and the ore Raymond mill without improvement and innovation, will not be able to reach the requirements of the majority of users, so the ore Raymond mill want to be in a very competitive in the flour milling industry production, is the need for innovation, and improve, and its development direction is with the change of the market development, The future direction and trend of ore Raymond mill are analyzed in detail.

With the continuous improvement of the market demands on ore Raymond mill, as the main equipment in China's grinding industry, ore Raymond mill is developing towards automation, efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection in order to meet the different requirements in different fields. As the most important point in modern society, energy conservation and environmental protection is also the most important point in the country. Therefore, we should attach great importance to the research on energy conservation and environmental protection, so as to achieve zero pollution and high efficiency in production for improvement. Automation can not only make ore Raymond mill develop in a precise, reliable and fully automatic direction, not only improve the working efficiency and accuracy of Raymond mill, but also reduce a lot of labor force. Most importantly, it provides the safety of operators.

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