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Plastic shredder is a special crushing equipment for waste plastics. With the rapid development of the machinery industry, Plastic shredder is constantly researching and improving. More and more people are interested in the development potential of Plastic shredder. After the equipment, there will be a problem. How to install the plastic shredder correctly? The installation of the Plastic shredder will affect the output and work efficiency of the whole equipment, and even affect the stability and service life of the equipment, so it is installed. When you must follow the relevant process to install, let's share a few points we need to pay attention to when installing the Plastic shredder.

1. Before installing, carefully review the steps related to the installation of Plastic shredder and keep in mind the process of these installations.

2. Confirm that the parts of the Plastic shredder are matched, whether there is a missing or mismatch.

3. After confirming the parts of the parts, we must first carry out a simple cleaning work on these parts. If the parts are filled with oil, they can be cleaned first.

4. Follow the installation steps in the instructions to install them, and fully implement the compatibility of the various components inside the Plastic shredder. Do not jump the steps to install them. This will only result in the failure to install properly or the performance of internal components. And stability is declining.

5. After assembling the Plastic shredder according to the installation instructions, we can check whether the gaps are too large before the parts are installed, and if there is any reverse installation, check the Plastic shredder as a whole.

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