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Product introduction

The waste aluminum cans shredder is also called the scrap aluminum shredder. It is a shredding machine which shears a large amount of scrap material to a certain size by shearing force to the rolling cutter shaft. The aluminum is completely separated by static and gravity sorter. It is suitable for the scrap aluminum, such as aluminum scrap, aluminum alloy,aluminum plastic plate, aluminum wire,aluminum cans and aluminum plates and other aluminum materials, crushed to separate state, sorting aluminum by the corresponding sorting equipment.  It can reach 96-99% and is suitable for crushing, separating and screening of various aluminium-containing materials.


Working principle

The waste aluminum cans shredder is equipped with eddy current, separator, screening machine and magnetic separator, which can effectively separate aluminum and iron, paint, tear all kinds of waste aluminum alloy, magnetic separation, sieving and cleaning, remove metal impurities and waste nonmetallic impurities, realize the separation and recovery of waste aluminum products, and the separation rate can reach 96-99%. The waste aluminum cans shredder can effectively provide the recycling efficiency of scrap aluminium and reduce the transportation cost and storage cost of scrap aluminium.


Equipment characteristics

1. The blade is made of cold working die steel, which has good strength, high toughness and high cutting performance. The blade has four cutting edges, which can rotate 90 & DEG after wear, and continue to use.

2.. Hard gear reducer, high transmission efficiency, strong load-bearing capacity, low noise.

3. Edge thickness: 20mm (customized according to customer needs)

4. Waste aluminum cans shredder can be easily replaced after tool damage or wear.


Equipment maintenance

1. Fix the equipment on the ground, start the airplane first, check whether the equipment will be deformed or damaged during transportation.

2. When running, the bearing and speed reducer are filled with quantitative lubricating oil. When running normally, the feeding conveyor is opened first, and then the equipment is activated until the equipment is running, the feeding can be broken.

3. Check the lubrication of bearings before starting each shift. After the end of each shift, clean the equipment carefully and prohibit the equipment from soaking.

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