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The quality of the double shaft shredder is important, but correct installation is also necessary. We cannot tolerate that the small shaft shredder cannot work properly due to some small installation details, or affect the life cycle of the double shaft shredder. So what details need to be paid attention to when installing the twin-shaft shredder? So let's find out.


1. Check for line problems

Before the installation of the twin-shaft shredder, the wiring problem is the most basic and most important problem. This means that before installation, we must first select the appropriate circuit and check whether the circuit is normal to ensure the normal operation of the double shaft shredder. What we need to pay attention to is that we need to install an additional switch knife outside the switch of the twin-shaft shredder. When a problem occurs, we can use this knife to directly cut off the circuit.


2. The installation needs to be fixed to ensure that it does not appear loose.

Many people ignore this problem. They think that a little looseness of large machines is normal, and there is no need to worry about it. Is it really the truth? On the contrary, if the double shaft shredder is not fixed during installation, long-term production can easily cause the twin-shaft shredder to become unstable. As time goes by, the looseness of the twin-shaft pulverizer becomes more severe, and the vibration generated by it will continue to increase. In the end, the noise of the double shaft shredder is getting louder and larger, and the service life is greatly shortened.


3. Carry out empty machine detection

In order to further ensure that the twin-shaft shredder can work normally, after its installation is completed, we must perform an empty machine inspection. The method is to open the double shaft shredder for idling. If there is no abnormal situation after a few minutes, it means that there is no problem in the installation of the twin-shaft shredder, and the twin-shaft shredder can immediately start production. If there is an abnormality, you need to check the problem and wait until the problem is resolved before putting it into production. During the installation process, if necessary, you can call our technicians at any time, they will provide you with the most professional and authoritative free guidance.


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