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As the manufacturer of plastic shredder, we are going to teach you some ways to recycle plastic.
Method 1

Know your plastic

1.PET or PETE (polyethylene terephthalate). "Recycling type # 1" is most commonly used in soft drink bottles, water bottles, plastic beer bottles, plastic peanut butter jars, salad dressing jars, plant oil bottles and oven food trays. After it is recycled, it will be recycled into a shake - down, tote bags, furniture, carpets and new beverage containers.

2.HDPE (HDPE). "Recycling type # 2" is used for milk cans, juice cans, cleaning supplies, yogurt cups, some garbage bags, and cereal box liners. After recycling, it will be recycled into bottles, pens and building materials.

3.V (vinyl) or PVC. "Recycling type # 3" is used for window cleaner bottles, detergent bottles, water bottles, and transparent food packaging, wall panels, Windows, plumbing and medical equipment. Occasionally recycled by plastic lumber producers, it will be recycled into building materials.

4.LDPE (low density polyethylene). "Recycling type # 4" is used for plastic bottles, plastic shopping bags, dry-cleaning bags and bread bags. After recycling, it will be recycled into a trash can lining, shipping packages, and wood.

5.PP (polypropylene). "Recycling type # 5" is used for straws, some yogurt containers, syrup bottles, ketchup bottles, medicine bottles, hats. After it's recycled, it's recycled into a rake, a broom, a battery, a tray.

PS (polystyrene). "Recycling type # 6" is used for disposable cups, compact discs, egg cartons, take-out food containers, and aspirin bottles. After recycling, it will be recycled into foam packaging, insulation, and more egg-packing cartons and take-out food containers.

7. Other. "Recycling type # 7" is used for multi-gallon water bottles, bulletproof materials, sunglasses, DVDS, iPod bags and nylon. It is not often recycled, but sometimes it is recycled into wood.

Method 2

Learn your options

Identify the recycling situation in your community. Many towns now have recycling points or even city recycling stations along the road. However, the situation in every community is different. So, ask your local government what facilities and options are available in this area.

2. Order a recycling bin for roadside recycling. In some communities, you can put recycled items like garbage -- all you need to do is sign up for the project and get your recycling bin.

Sometimes it takes a one-time fee or annual fee, just like garbage collection, but it makes recycling so easy that it's worth paying a little bit of money.

If you live in an apartment, there may already be a recycling bin in your building. Ask your manager.

Put your recyclables in recycling. There are places where there is no road recycling, and there are usually large recycling bins, often in public places like schools, churches or municipal buildings.

Use the term "Recycle Plastic Step 11" as the caption

Take the plastic directly to the local recycling center. Search the Internet or ask local officials where the local recycling center is. If the recycling center receives plastic, you can always give it to them.

Some recycling stations pay a few cents for every item you pay. You can collect recyclable items from friends and neighbors and turn them in to the recycle bin to make a little extra money.

Image of the title of Recycle Plastic Step 12

Understand how the recycle bin is handled. Some recycling centers do the sorting and cleaning of recyclables, so you can just toss the cans, the plastic, and the waste paper. For other recycling centers, you'll need to separate the different materials and possibly remove the paper labels. Try your best to follow the rules.

Methods 3

1 prepare several recycling baskets at home. Put them near the main trash bins you use so you won't lose your recyclables because you're lazy.

If you need to classify recycled items, you can prepare a multi-room or partitioned dustbin so that you can complete the classification and save time while throwing the garbage.

Classify recyclables by type. If the recycle bin needs it, separate the waste paper and cardboard, plastic, glass, and cans. The job can be annoying, but like other household chores, it's easier if you get into the habit of classifying your recycling items every week.

Classify the plastic by number. Many recycling programs no longer require it, but you may need to separate seven different types of recycled plastic.

Make sure your plastic is clean. The recovery program may not need you to do this, but it can help to remove the residue and remove the tags.

Clean your recyclables once a week. In this way, the bottle won't pile up and the classification won't be too hard.

If the recycling center is remote, try to do a weekly sorting job and store it up and go to the recycling center once a month.

Methods 4

Plastic shredder production

Plastic reuse

1. Reuse of containers. The liquid in the bottle is used up, and it doesn't mean that the bottle is useless. Many plastic soap bottles can be reinfused with large bottles of hand sanitizer or dishwashing liquid. You can reuse plastic bottles for various items.

Be careful not to drink water from the same bottle over and over again. As time passes, harmful chemicals will leak out from some plastics. Use old plastic bottles to store non-expendable items.

Use a medicine bottle for small decorations. From COINS to loose nuts to crafts, these tiny, sturdy plastic bottles are perfect places to store these small items.

Reuse plastic bags in your home again. The plastic shopping bag can be used as a good dustbin liner, packing material or bento bag.


Let's do the work.

Use plastic soda water bottles to make useful electric wires.

Make a soda bottle candy dish.

3 use plastic bottles to make a wasp trap.

4 use plastic bottles to make an elegant vase.

Make a computer bag out of plastic bags.

Make a lovely pot out of old milk cans.

Use plastic bottle caps to make a pill box or pin insert ring.

Make fluorescent rod stage lights.

9 use plastic bottles to make a convenient funnel.


Some recycling stations pay for recycling, so if you want to make a little money, you can go around and see where the best price is.


Plastics can be used for a long time, but as they break down, some plastics leak harmful or cancer-causing chemicals and infiltrate into the liquid they hold. Don't reuse disposable plastic water bottles. Replace it with a stainless steel bottle.

Don't try to process plastic by burning it. The smoke produced by combustion is unpleasant, even harmful, and the residue is harmful to the environment.
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