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The vigorous development of metal shredder in the market has promoted the comprehensive upgrade of CNC mould machinery. At present, the demand for metal cutterry in China is very large. In particular, the metal shredding mold machinery is widely used, and even with the development of related technologies is being comprehensively upgraded.

In the case of numerical control technology in the market, it has fully promoted the rapid development of metal shredder to material efficiency, high speed and related composite technology. And if these developments can also tend to rely on several aspects: 1, is the superior performance of metal shredder materials appear constantly, coupled with advanced surface coating technology can fit more advanced design technology, comprehensive is promoted the special numerical control processing technology and precision detection technology rapid development; 2. At the present stage, the development of metal shredder and nc high-efficiency machine tools have also kept the level of synchronization, which has further satisfied the needs of relevant high-efficiency cutting and high-precision machining. Often these devices and compared to traditional shredder equipment, not only no longer require coolant involved and then on the basis of environmental protection and comprehensive use of reduced cost, more comprehensive improve the machining efficiency of the machinery.

In the present market, the environmental protection metal shredder equipment is in practical use, not only the shredding accuracy can reach the triple-a standard, but also the speed of shredding can reach 250m/min. Especially hard alloy shredder blade can be used for rough cutting, and the cutting speed can reach between 120 and 150m/min. If is powder metallurgy high-speed shredder blade to be able to use more wide range, this blade equipment is not only very good toughness and processing difficulty is also very small, the structure characteristics of words more path extension structure, comprehensive can reduce the time of the feed the knife in blade durability and increase the processing efficiency.

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