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Manure drying machine

Manure drying machine

Applied MaterialFeeding Size

Device ConfigurationProcessing Capacity1.5-20t/h

Applied Material:

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Product introduction

The compound manure drying is used as a supporting equipment for the organic compound fertilizer production line. The finished product has fine particles. It can be used as a culture medium for growing edible mushroom agaricus bisporus, and can also be sold as feed for breeding turtles, fish, snails, chickens, ducks, etc.


1. The drum drying has a high degree of mechanization, large production capacity, and continuous operation.

2. The structure is excellent and simple, the material runs smoothly through the resistance of the cylinder, and the operation is convenient.

3. Fewer failures, low maintenance costs, and low power consumption.

4. It has a wide range of applications, can dry powdery, granular, and block materials, and has large operating flexibility. The production allows large fluctuations in product output without affecting product quality. The uniformity of product drying is good.

5. Easy to clean.

6. The drying temperature is high, the drying strength is high, and the use cost is low.

Scope of application

Mineral products: iron powder, coal, Shahe, bentonite, titanium concentrate, manganese ore, pyrite, limestone, peat.

Chemical industry: ammonium sulfate, alkali sulfide, Anfu powder, ammonium nitrate, urea, oxalic acid, potassium dichromate, nitrophosphate, calcium magnesium phosphate, compound fertilizer, copper sulfate.

Food industry: glucose, salt, sugar, vitamins, malted milk, granular sugar.

Others: lentils, rubbish abrasives, match sticks, sawdust, vinasse

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