Intermittent Ball Mill
  • Intermittent Ball Mill
  • Intermittent Ball Mill

Intermittent Ball Mill

Made in China

  • Operating Weight: 5 T
  • Engine Power: 20 KW
  • Bucket Capacity: 25 MM
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The working principle of Intermittent Ball Mill :
Motor through the reduction gear drive cylinder, cylinder body of crushed ore and steel ball by friction and centrifugal force role in cylinder rotation because of gravity after being lining board to a certain height, began to fall and diarrhea, ore under the action of impact and grinding crushed gradually. The crushed ore is partially out of the drain. After the discharge of the minerals in the spiral classifier has been graded out of the qualified products, the coarse sand will continue to grind through the combined feeder and then back to the ball mill. The feeding machine continuously and evenly feed the ore, the ore is continuously and evenly into the ball mill through the combined feeder, and the crushed material is continuously discharged from the ceramic ball mill. Ceramic ball mill is a powder mill which can work 24 hours a day continuously.

Intermittent Ball Mill
The characteristics of the Intermittent Ball Mill
Product granules are more uniform
The product granules produced by machine powder are more uniform, the coarse grain size is less, and the fineness index of raw material can be relaxed properly. It has a yield of about 25% compared with its traditional equipment. The unit electricity consumption is about 26% lower. There are also less lapping.
Cost savings
First Intermittent Ball Mill machine of large and small gear drive smoothly, and when the size of the gear surface worn to a certain degree, may continue to use flip, shorten the parts replacement cycle, save some cost for the customer.
Nonabnormal noise
The new type of technology is used in the Intermittent Ball Mill to optimize and reduce the resistance in the machine, which makes the Mill ventilation more fluid, and the distribution of product granule distribution is more reasonable. And there is no abnormal noise and instability in the work.
Low failure rate
Due to Intermittent Ball Mill machine parts structure reasonable gap adjustment, plus into the concept of advanced foreign technology, in the work without a strong vibration, thus reduce the failure rate of the machine, increase the lifespan of the machine.