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How much does a metal shredder cost

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The main function of the metal shredder is to squeeze large pieces of materials and materials that are inconvenient to transport through the shear of the shredder, and shred them into sheet-like materials that meet the requirements. The metal shredder not only improves the production capacity and crushing efficiency, but also expands the scope of application.On the basis of absorbing the advantages of various shredders, this series of shredder products are developed by making full use of the theories of impact, shearing, mutual impact, and grinding.Want to know the cost of buying a shredder, we need to understand the basic knowledge of metal shredder.

This series of shredder adopts microcomputer (PC) automatic control, with start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control functions, with low speed, large torque, low noise, etc., suitable for shredding large, thick and difficult to shred materials. Such as: TV sets, washing machines, refrigerator shells, medium-sized pipes, pipe fittings, forklift pallets, tires, packaging barrels, etc.

Metal shredder structure

The main body of the shredder: the main body of the equipment is welded with high-quality steel plate to eliminate stress treatment / overall machining to ensure the stability of the equipment under heavy load for a long time.

Movable knife/fixed knife: The movable knife material is made of special special alloy tool steel forging blank, precision machining, multiple heat treatment and low temperature freezing heat treatment technology. The overall toughness and hardness are consistent and can be used repeatedly to ensure the cutting performance and service life. . The fixed knife adopts a patented hook-type installation to optimize the tool replacement function and make the maintenance and replacement of the tool more efficient.

Bearing/seal: The bearing seat adopts a patented split-and-dismantle type, which can quickly remove the movable knife, fixed knife, bearing and other parts, easy to maintain and replace the knife. The unique sealing structure effectively prevents the contact between broken objects and grease, and handles liquid materials. It can also protect bearings and gears.

Cutter shaft: It is processed and refined with high-strength and heavy-duty special steel, which is more reasonable with the cutter to provide powerful power for cutting.

The price of metal shredder equipment is affected by many factors, such as model, production cost, market demand, manufacturer’s reputation, competition among manufacturers, etc., which will affect the price of equipment. In general, the scale and strength of the equipment are relatively strong. The quality and performance of the equipment produced by the manufacturer are guaranteed, and the price is relatively low. The middleman makes a profit by earning the equipment price difference, and the corresponding equipment price will be set relatively high.The price of the specific crushing equipment also needs to be determined according to the manufacturer of the equipment you buy and the market situation.

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