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What are the types of industrial shredders

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The current environmental pollution problem is becoming more and more serious, and the promotion of waste recycling to promote the recycling of resources is a hot topic. Industrial shredders are widely used in the treatment of various types of domestic waste, reduce the area of waste, promote the secondary use of waste, and reduce waste of resources. So, what are the types of industrial shredders?

Types of shredders: According to the purpose of classification, there are refrigerator shredders, plastic shredders, metal shredder,aluminum shredder,cans shredder,paper shredder,iron shredder,waste shredder,rubber shredder,tire shredder,rubbish shredder,car panel shredders, paint bucket shredders, etc.; according to the structure, it can be divided into two-shaft (or four-shaft) shearing, There are three types of single-shaft roll-cutting type coarse crushing and tearing type.

1)Shear shredder: The most common is the shear shredder. It has two to four knife shafts. It mainly relies on the principle of "shear and cut" to complete the shredding process. The principle of this shredder is to shred objects like scissors.

2) Roller-cut shredder: This machine is equipped with multiple blades on a rotating knife roll, and cuts with the fixed blades to complete the material crushing effect.

3) Tear-type coarse shredder: The principle of the tear-type coarse shredder is to shake the hook to tear the garbage materials. This model is mainly used for the effective recycling and utilization of coarse crushed scrap metal resources, which can greatly reduce the mining and consumption of natural mineral resources.To achieve the purpose of reducing land occupation, reducing total energy consumption in society, saving investment, protecting the ecological environment, and improving labor and production efficiency.

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