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How to detect whether the voltage is overloaded during the production process of the industrial pape

Time:2021-04-08 17:12:27   Author:ShuGuang  Popularity:803

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Voltage is the prerequisite to ensure the normal production of industrial paper shredder equipment. Unstable voltage can easily burn the motor and damage the equipment. So how to detect whether the voltage is overloaded during the production process of industrial paper shredder equipment?

1. The electric box is not equipped with a lock or a door-opening power-off device, which will cause the electric box to be opened illegally by unauthorized persons, and it may touch the live terminals inside and cause electric shock hazard;power-off equipment is generally divided into over-current, over-voltage, over-heat, automatic power-off, water level is too high, too low, automatic power-off, punctual automatic power-off, sound and light control switch balance control inertial control (such as automatic control of sudden brakes).

2. There is no shredder current protection equipment. When the electrical components of the equipment are short-circuited, the power supply cannot be blocked in a short time, which will cause the wires to catch fire and burn the equipment and even cause fire accidents; the protection equipment is checked. The operating status of the equipment, the equipment that instigates the switch to trip after an abnormality is found. Overcurrent protection is one of the commonly used protections for power supply lines.

3. Motors larger than 0.5kW are not equipped with motor overheating protection. When the motor is overloaded and the windings heat up excessively, the insulation layer will be damaged and cause early insulation failure;

4. The protection combined circuit does not meet the requirements, and the continuity of the protection combined circuit cannot be guaranteed. If the insulation failure of the equipment causes the shell to become live, the operator will suffer electric shock damage. The primary reason for the failure of the equipment is that the company does not pay attention to the safety of electric shock protection and does not understand the electrical safety standards. Nowadays, many micro-motors have bimetallic switches embedded near the windings. The industrial paper shredder motor can paste a thermistor near the end cover to verify the temperature and provide it to the manipulator.

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