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Waste paper shredder

Waste paper shredder

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Paper core is a high-quality waste paper raw material, but it faces many difficulties in recycling, especially the packaging process, which causes the material to be hard and long in size, and it cannot be directly packaged by the baler.It needs to be broken into pieces or strips before it can be packed in the baler.

The waste paper shredder is a large-scale professional paper shredding equipment. It is driven by a motor + reducer. The blade is made of high-strength alloy steel. It has strong wear resistance and high strength. The differential speed between the shafts running, with functions such as tearing, squeezing, biting, etc.The electrical part is controlled by PLC programming and has functions such as automatic detection of overload protection.

The waste paper shredder is specially designed for shredding paper materials. It is suitable for the refinement of various waste paper materials. It has the advantages of uniform discharge and controllable size. Materials suitable for shredding include: waste corrugated paper, paper tubes, Paper cores, paper rolls, hard paper, newspapers, cardboard and other paper materials.High efficiency, low speed, high torque and low noise.

Application areas:

Used in waste paper packing stations, carton factories, paper mills, etc.

Applicable materials:

Waste corrugated paper, paper tube, paper core, paper roll, hard paper, newspaper, cardboard, etc.

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