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According to which process to configure the industrial paper shredder

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Users who have bought industrial paper shredders should not rush to install them. Generally, manufacturers will provide equipment installation foundation drawings or construction design drawings when they ship. These drawings show that manufacturers have more models of industrial shredders.After calculation and analysis, the shredder is designed according to the vibration and uniform force generated by this model, and the shredder is installed strictly in accordance with the design drawings.

After the industrial paper shredder is installed, load test the equipment. The first step is the idling test, and then the loading load test. Run for about 8 hours under full load. Check the condition of each part of the industrial paper shredder, for example, check that the bearing temperature reaches 35 degrees,the equipment below 35 degrees can be produced normally.

During the trial operation, the industrial paper shredder should work smoothly, there should be no major vibration, and the fasteners should be firm. The lubrication points of the industrial paper shredder must be filled with grease, and the sealing should be good, and there should be no oil leakage. If the output or particle size is found to be unqualified during operation.

The rear adjustment bolt of the movable device can be used for adjustment. If the current fluctuation is found to be unstable during operation, it should be checked whether the particle size of the feed material meets the requirements, and the production can be put into production after the load test is normal.

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